Nob Hill

Left your heart in San Francisco? Yearn no more; we bring you Victorianne at Lakefront. This Sanfo-inspired community had been conceived with a delicate eye for the romantic. Victorianne is Brittany's way of reminding us of San Francisco, especially the Postcard Alley. The neo-Victorian homes are meticulously reproduced here, coupled with the innovative signature that is truly Brittany.

And what is surprisingly delightful about the whole project is that it is just in Sucat, Paranaque, which brings you close to the central business districts of Alabang and Makati and the leisure destinations of the south.

Choose between Duetto and Quadrille. Duetto units are two units built back to back while Quadrille units are 4 units built. Both townhouse types have individual parking area and optional attic area. Here at Victorianne, realize your postcard dreams.